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Topic Tagging

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Basic info/restrictions

Overall, tags are used to categorize topics. They can be used both to find and filter out topics with a particular tag. You can often think of them as a "lighter" form of a sub-group. For example, a post in ~music with the tag pop would also be appropriate to be posted in ~music.pop if that group existed.

Tags can be made up of ASCII letters, numbers, and spaces (or underscores, which are treated as spaces).

Similar to groups, tags also support a hierarchy by separating "sections" with periods. For example, tagging something with rock.progressive will cause it to still be treated as though it has a rock tag (being found in searches and affected by filters), but is more specific and could allow more detailed filtering/searching.

General tagging guidance

Since tags are used for searching and filtering, try to think about how other users would want to find or filter out the topic you're tagging. For example, when tagging a post about a video game, it can be useful to include tags for the platform the game is on, as well as the game's genre.

Tags should generally be plural (when that makes sense). This is easiest to think of as a parallel to sub-groups—if there was a group for discussing watches it would probably be called ~hobbies.watches and not ~hobby.watch, so the correct tag for a post about a watch would be watches, not watch.

Don't add a tag that's the same or very similar to the group that you're posting in. There's no need to add a music tag to posts in ~music, or technology tag to posts in ~tech.

Specific tags

ask tags

The ask tag should be used when the topic's purpose is to request information from other Tildes users (as opposed to the topic itself being informational). You should also usually add a sub-tag (separated by a .) to specify what sort of request it is. The most common ones are:

Warning tags

Some tags are coloured differently and shown at the front of a post's tag list. These are:

Country/location tags

If the topic is mostly relevant to a particular country (probably most common for posts in ~news), please tag it with the name of that country. Don't use the nationality or other similar terms—that is, the tag should be germany and not german.

For the United States of America, use the tag usa (not us, united states, etc.).

When reasonable, the hierarchical tag system works very well for locations. It can be used to cover both the overall country as well as a more specific area, such as usa.california, canada.quebec, etc.