Searching Tildes

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There are two methods available for searching Tildes:

When searching topics, the search applies to the title, tags, and text (for text topics). Comment search only applies to the text of the comment itself.

Search capabilities

By default, searches look for all of the entered terms. Searching for one two will find posts that include both "one" and "two".

To search for any of the terms instead, separate them with "or". Searching for one or two will find posts that include either "one" or "two" (or both).

To search for a phrase, use double-quotes around the phrase. Searching for "one two" will find posts that include the exact phrase "one two". Posts that include the words but not next to each other and in the specified order will not be found.

To exclude posts containing a term, put a minus symbol in front of that term. Searching for one -two will find posts that include "one" but do not include "two".

These capabilities can be combined. For example, you can search for two alternative phrases with "one two" or "three four" or exclude a phrase with one -"two three".

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