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Thanks for donating to Tildes! If you have any questions, please contact donate@tildes.net.

Why should I donate to Tildes?

Tildes has no investors, no advertising, and does not sell anything (including its users' data). Donations are its only income. By donating, you're supporting a site that's chosen to avoid those other sources of revenue in order to gain the freedom to focus exclusively on acting in its users' interests.

Who am I donating to?

Tildes is operated by Spectria, a Canadian not-for-profit corporation (corporation number 1034108-8).

Important information for donating

Donation options

Credit card (via Stripe)

You can donate directly using a credit card through Stripe. Note that the Stripe donation page will load third-party assets from Stripe and communicate with Stripe servers to process the transaction.

Donate with Stripe


You can set up a recurring monthly donation to Tildes on Patreon. There are no "patron rewards" for using Patreon.

Go to the Patreon page for Tildes

Cryptocurrency (via Coinbase)

You can donate Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), or Litecoin (LTC) to Tildes via Coinbase.

Go to the Coinbase donation page for Tildes

Interac e-Transfer

Canadians can donate to Tildes using Interac e-Transfer. Send an e-Transfer to donate@tildes.net and it will be auto-accepted (no security question necessary). Note that the recipient will be shown as "SPECTRIA".