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Subscribing to a group

To see topics from a group on your front page, you must subscribe to it. There are two ways to subscribe to a group:

Unsubscribing from a group

To no longer see topics from a group on your front page, you must unsubscribe from it. There are two ways to unsubscribe from a group:

Creating groups

It is not currently possible for users to create their own groups on Tildes. All groups and sub-groups must be created (for now) by the creator/founder/god Deimos. Even in the future, the ability to create groups and sub-groups will be greatly restricted. It will not be open to all and sundry.

Groups and sub-groups will be determined organically, as the site grows and as the need arises. The way to demonstrate the need for a group or sub-group is to post topics with the appropriate tag in a relevant existing group or sub-group. If a particular tag gets a lot of use, that is an indication to Deimos and possible group creators that there is a need for a group for this subject.

For example:

These previous discussions provide context for this:

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