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Tildes Code of Conduct

Page last updated: April 29, 2018 (view history)

Don't act like an asshole and routinely make other people's experiences—or lives—worse. Almost all of the restrictions on how you can use Tildes are just more-explicit versions of this basic guideline. In general, as long as you treat others with basic civility and try to contribute in good faith, you will be welcome on Tildes.

Do not maliciously impersonate someone else's identity (real world or online)

Do not maliciously attempt to counteract other users' attempts to delete or edit their content, such as by deliberately re-posting content they want to be deleted.

Do not incite or encourage harm against people, including by posting hate speech or threats.

Do not post anyone's sensitive personal information (related to either their real world or online identity) with malicious intent.

Multiple accounts

You may register and use multiple Tildes accounts, but do not: